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Group physical activities like team sports would be another great use of this transit. The appeal of broadening your horizons receives even more emphasis this week when the sun and Venus come together in your exploration sector. You might be inspired to learn something for sheer pleasure, perhaps starting a new course of study or traveling to immerse yourself in a foreign culture. Plus, you can learn a lot about yourself and about the world through relationships when these planets pair up, so seek out a wide variety of people or jump into new experiences with people you already know.

When a full moon hits your cognition-and-communication house, fresh facts could come to light, or you might endure information overload and not know what to process first. Maybe a shift involving your sibling or your neighborhood will compel you to deal with some sort of fallout. Or a flurry of thoughts and interactions will pull you in different directions, generating nervous energy. Take a deep breath and focus on one thing at a time.

Mercury and Uranus are arguing, and their tiff can also make you feel scattered or frustrated. But brainstorming may lead to a breakthrough. Your ambition will be in overdrive for nearly seven weeks, mobilizing you to achieve your aims. The value of knowing yourself — or someone else — deeply and loving who you or they are is another theme of this planetary configuration.

Intense sex, emotional intimacy and personal introspection will all be gratifying. But your income or your self-esteem might receive a welcome boost, making you feel more secure. The courage to fight for what you believe in can lead you to become a social justice warrior during this period, or it may lead you into heated debates. A meetup between the sun and Venus in your one-on-one angle points to pleasant and engaging interactions with other individuals. Companionship is sure to inspire and energize you and keep you in good spirits. A romantic or creative partnership is highly favored under this influence.

This Aquarius lunation calls for you to honor your emotions and if necessary, let go of what — or whom — is no longer serving your growth. With Mercury and your ruling planet, Uranus, going at it the next day, you might experience interpersonal conflict. You could also direct your passion toward a pet project, an investigation of some sort or an emotional matter that needs your undivided attention. These two planets are trying to persuade you to value your health and take excellent care of yourself. They want you to recognize and honor the connection between your mind, your body and your spirit and to nurture the wellness of all three.

A good daily routine can help you do just that.


Besides your willingness to work on self-improvement, this transit also gives you a positive attitude about working on relationships. Plus, your interactions with colleagues are likely to be quite pleasant now. But when a full moon lights up the last house in your chart, you may crave downtime to unwind.

A spiritual crisis, striking dreams, the discovery of a secret or turbulent, buried emotions may compel you to retreat and reflect.

Personality Profile for People Born on October 12

You could probably use extra sleep to recharge your battery. With Mars crossing your one-on-one angle over the course of the next seven weeks, you might experience tension in close relationships, but this is a good time to get grievances out in the open and work through them. Recruit other individuals for your chosen activities and endeavors and do your best to avoid unnecessary conflicts. Choose your battles well, striking fair compromises whenever possible. Artistic expression, humor, romance, games and hobbies can all offer satisfaction.

A humanitarian effort or team project can reach completion under this lunation.

Ophiuchus, the thirteenth Zodiac Star Sign - Universe Guide

Stepping back and looking more objectively at how much you have going for you will be to your benefit. Focus on making yourself useful and taking care of the most necessary business.

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Roll up your sleeves and get busy, without expecting a lot of recognition. Take satisfaction in being productive and helpful. A sun-Venus alignment at the base of your chart this week emphasizes the pleasures of home and family and lures you to spend time with people who feel like family to you — and in places that feel like home including the real deal. You want your space to represent your private self and to provide you with a sense of belonging and wellbeing.

Ophiuchus Element

A full moon rocks the peak of your chart on Thursday, which may bring a goal to fruition or stir up drama with an authority figure like a boss or parent. You could be thrust into the spotlight, so be ready to perform at your best.

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Your career path, life direction, aspirations or public image could change, calling for you to leave something behind you as you shift your trajectory. Instead of randomly rebelling or overreacting, liberate yourself from an old pattern or stuck emotions. Sexy sparks could fly, or a competitive spirit may drive you to play games and sports and show off your creative side. The sun and Venus hold a summit in your thinking-and-talking corner this week, paving the way for vibrant self-expression, creative ideas and pleasant, energetic interactions.

And your glass-half-full mentality may inspire flirting and fuel an appreciation for beautiful surroundings and engaging convos. A full moon can trigger a crisis of faith or an urge to get out of your routine and have an adventure. Your perspective could shift with this lunation, making it a great time to weed out a belief that has limited your growth — then kiss it goodbye.

Your subconscious impulses can throw your conscious thoughts and words into disarray, causing problems like sudden, unintended disclosures. Do what you can to increase your level of comfort and emotional wellbeing during this transit. An alliance between the sun and Venus in your worth zone gives you permission to focus on your possessions, desires, material needs, finances, personal values, self-sufficiency and the pleasures of nature this week.

If today is your birthday, you have a long memory. A word of advice… Live and let go. Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. This will make you feel better inside. Forgiving people only relieve your body of unnecessary stresses and burdens. Having anger and hatred in your heart will hurt you in the long run while the other person is living life without any thoughts about you. The 12 November birthday astrology analysis shows that you could have dual personalities. Some people know you to be kind and giving.

Others may come to fear your wrath. Often times, you hit them where it hurts. Mainly, you just want to be left alone. Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!!

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When it comes to love, this Scorpio birthday person loves hard. You have feelings that run deep and long. You are at your best coupled with someone like yourself. You take care of those you love physically and mentally. The November 12 birthday meanings show that you have a tendency to look for happiness when not in a relationship in food, alcohol or drugs. This is not the way to go as it only causes more problems down the line. Get hooked on healthy and positive things such as fitness. Choose your addictions like you choose your friends.

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The 12th November zodiac birthday person has many talents and abilities. Choosing a career can be as hard as choosing a healthy habit. Think of your natural capabilities and this decision could be easier. You are artistic if you were born today on November You have been known to throw some excellent parties and as a organizer, event planning could be your strong suit.

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What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! You are enthusiastic about the future. You believe that you will make it and with a positive attitude towards achieving, you will! You start with a cheerful and eager attitude and usually end the same way.