Horoscop gemini 14 14 october 2019

It's a good idea to use this energy toward getting things accomplished. Anything fueled by your current state of mind will come out quite well. You will feel compelled to do something active after work, and it should work out nicely to do so. Capricorn, there may be some stressful things that come today at work, and it'll be lucky they have you.

Today's Gemini Horoscope - Wednesday, October 9, 12222

There is a chance that you will have a change in your schedule today or something similar, that opens up new possibilities for you in the future. There will be some interesting occurrences that enlighten you to goings on at work that you were previously unaware of. You will piece these together expertly.

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Aquarius, there will be a certain pathway through the day that you will see clearly as you start work. There may be a normal pace that isn't that interesting to anyone else, but you will probably notice a pattern to the day and use it to your advantage. This could manifest in several different ways and might make you seem a bit psychic today. Pisces, you are going to feel a bit more grounded today and able to use your intuition to get things done in a very prompt manner.

You will not mind too much that the day will be a bit slower than usual, as you will be very in the moment, and it's a pleasant enough day that you won't get too antsy about it stretching on. All the same, once it's over, you'll be glad to go on home.

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Joining a local group of entertainers is a great way to start, especially if there is a charity connection. But your glittering success could unsettle a partner, so do take time to talk it all through with them. With Venus in the most settled and confident part of your chart, you could be ready to talk about moving in together. As your ruling light, the sun, goes deeper into your communication chart, there is a special clarity and entertainment value in your words and you have a gift for speaking in public. Meg's collection has been developed to bring out the magic in each star sign.

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